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Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL): Improving behaviour, improving learning

Theme 4: Going for goals!

This theme focuses primarily on the key aspect of motivation, with a subsidiary focus on self-awareness. It gives an important opportunity for all children’s abilities, qualities and strengths to be valued.

The Going for goals theme provides opportunities for children to reflect on themselves as individuals, particularly their strengths as learners and how they learn most effectively.

Each set of activities focuses on the underlying prerequisites for successful goal-directed learning and behaviour: for example, taking responsibility and building feelings of confidence and self-efficacy – the belief that what you do makes a difference.

Goal-directed behaviour is only valuable if we are able to make wise and balanced choices about our goals, so this theme provides opportunities for children to consider this and to practise problem-solving strategies.

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Blue determined, bored, frustrated Problem solving Working together self-review checklists

Ready to learn


Daisy and Rehana


New year resolutions

Yellow children learning   Working together self-review checklists

How am I clever

Daisy and Rehana

Lucky Dip

Brave or unwise challenge

My learning map

Barriers to learning challenge

The race Learning to make graphs

I have a dream

Overcoming obstacles to success

Soldier and key

Green disappointed Feelings detectives Working together self-review checklists

The fourth son

Danny's story

I have a dream

Overcoming obstacles to success

Purple   Problem solving  

How am I clever

The fourth son

Silver     Feelings fans