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SEAL curriculum materials: Year by year

Excellence and Enjoyment: social and emotional aspects of learning

Year-group sets

The Social and Emotional Aspect of Learning (SEAL) curriculum materials are organised into colour-coded sets. There is a colour-coded booklet for each theme. In each booklet there are materials for two year groups:

  • Red set – Foundation Stage
  • Blue set – Years 1 and 2
  • Yellow set – Years 3 and 4
  • Green set – Years 5 and 6.

Each colour-coded theme set includes a range of personal, social and health education activities as well as ideas for follow-up work across the curriculum and exemplar lessons that are designed to promote the SEAL objectives in a range of subject areas. In addition to the year-group sets there are:

  • theme overview booklets containing ideas for assemblies and an overview of the theme’s intended learning outcomes for all age groups
  • Purple sets
  • Gold sets
  • Silver sets
  • a guidance booklet
  • a ‘Getting started’ poster
  • whole-school resources.