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Secondary SEAL: Learning and teaching

What helps us learn social and emotional skills effectively?

Helping pupils learn social and emotional skills is like helping them to learn any other skill. The same principles apply but the following might be considered to be of particular importance.

  • Make sure the content is relevant to the pupils and they can see the benefits.
  • Identify pupils' current understanding and skills and build upon their prior knowledge and experience.
  • Make sure learners believe they can learn and that it is within their reach and capability.
  • Make sure that pupils know what is to be learned and how they will know when it has been learned.
  • Model the social and emotional skills that the pupils are being encouraged to learn.
  • Create an environment that is emotionally, socially and physically supportive for learning.
  • Encourage learners to learn from anything that went wrong and help the learner try again.
  • Discuss how learning can be applied, give regular opportunities to consolidate and practice learning and help the pupil generalise learning to other examples and contexts and embed the learning in everyday life.