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Secondary SEAL: Appendices

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Appendix 1: SEAL learning outcomes

At the heart of Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) lie the five aspects of learning and their associated universal learning outcomes. These provide the essential starting point when planning the SEAL programme. The Secondary SEAL materials provide a set of learning opportunities for use in Year 7 as part of discrete provision with ideas about how these might be developed across the curriculum.


  • Knowing myself
  • Understanding my feelings

Managing my feelings

  • Managing my expression of emotions
  • Changing uncomfortable feelings and increasing pleasant feelings


  • Working towards goals
  • Persistence, resilience and optimism
  • Evaluation and review


  • Understanding others' thoughts and feelings
  • Valuing and supporting others

Social skills

  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • Belonging to groups
  • Solving problems, including interpersonal ones

In addition the SEAL materials provide a set of year-group-specific (year groups 6–9) outcomes that are designed to demonstrate how a school might develop learning opportunities that show progression.