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Peer mentoring

This topic is designed to help pupils develop the skills that they will need to support others, particularly through schemes such as peer mentoring or ‘buddying’. It will provide an opportunity to explore a range of strategies and techniques that will help others to solve their own problems both within relationships and with learning.

All pupils might benefit from this topic as it develops their skills of self-awareness, empathy and communication, and contributes towards an effective personal portfolio.

It is anticipated that this topic will support schools developing their own systems and approaches to peer mentoring and ‘buddying’. However, the pupils will be self-referring and may have undergone a selection process. This might include applying to take part in a scheme and interviews.

This topic is designed to help young people to:

  • understand and value the role of a peer mentor or ‘buddy’
  • recognise and develop their own mentoring skills
  • develop the skills and confidence to mentor others
  • listen actively
  • resolve conflict.