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Developing positive relationships

Relationships provide the backdrop to pupils’ lives inside and outside the school and most pupils will find it hard to manage relationships at some time over the course of their years in secondary school. Pupils might seek help or benefit from support to build and maintain relationships for a variety of reasons and at various times during their lives. These include changing friendships as they join a new school or move into new setting arrangements, managing relationships as pupils form opposite-sex friendships and so on.

The small focus group work will provide an opportunity to further develop the relevant skills and strategies necessary for developing positive relationships, a supportive forum in which pupils can safely explore the issues underlying relationships, and an opportunity to apply this understanding and practise new ways of thinking and behaving. For some pupils it will provide an opportunity to build new relationships within a safe environment.

As with all small group work it is important to be aware of how others might interpret participation in the group.

This topic is designed to help young people to:

  • develop their understanding of how relationships are complex
  • identify and develop their skills in building and maintaining relationships
  • value tolerance, diversity and respect.