Senior leaders and teachers can develop these ideas and approaches across the school to target all pupils, raise attainment levels and strengthen the school culture. This includes advice, resources, and continuing professional development (CPD) activities to help you develop more effective teaching strategies throughout the school.

In this section

  • School improvement

    Senior leaders, governors and subject leaders can enrich school standards by strengthening their management.

  • Special Educational Needs (SEN)

    Tailor your teaching to support and include pupils with additional needs.

  • Gifted and talented

    Help gifted and talented pupils reach their potential.

  • Behaviour and Attendance

    Address the issues of pupils' poor attendance and behaviour.

  • Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL)

    SEAL underpins effective learning and positive behaviour and promotes the well-being of pupils and staff alike.

  • APP

    Assessment plays an important part in pupils' progression across all phases and key stages. See how to use the assessment guidelines and assessment focuses, and find out more about the benefits of using APP.

  • AfL

    Assessment for Learning (AfL) puts pupils at the heart of school improvement. These strategies for personalising learning help to develop AfL across your school.

  • Professional development

    Principles, techniques and approaches to support your planning and teaching.

  • Intervention

    These interactive planning tools suggest which intervention programmes will best target your pupils’ needs.

  • Initial teacher training (ITT)

    A series of case studies showing how the 'Leading partners in mathematics' pilot project was used as part of initial teacher training.

  • Data monitoring and evaluation

    Advice, examples and resources to help you use data when evaluating to improve school performance.

  • Narrowing the gaps

    Some pupils are more vulnerable than others to underachievement. These suggested approaches, ideas and workshops can help you work together with your school to close attainment gaps and raise standards for all.