In this section

  • Mathematics Framework

    This set of learning objectives and outcomes can be adapted to engage and challenge pupils throughout Key Stages 3 and 4.

  • APP in mathematics

    Examples of marked work (standards files) that uses assessment focuses to help you make level judgements when Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP).

  • Developing pedagogy in mathematics

    Study units and focused materials to help you gain a deeper understanding of mathematical pedagogy and enhance children's knowledge of key mathematical concepts.

  • Intervention and personalisation in mathematics

    Lesson ideas to help you organise and monitor progression. This includes approaches you can use to reduce gaps in pupils’ performance through personalised support.

  • Study Plus

    A two-year programme aimed at helping Key Stage 4 pupils achieve their potential in GCSE mathematics and English.

  • Algebra Study Units

    Learning objectives provide the focus for these activities, examples and resources, which you can use to create and connect classroom approaches.

  • Core plus in mathematics

    Focused materials that help subject leaders of mathematics raise pupil attainment levels as part of the cross-curricular programme.

  • A parent's guide to secondary mathematics

    These real-life contexts and teaching summaries can help you involve parents and carers with their children’s education.