In this section

  • English Framework

    Learning objectives and assessment approaches to challenge pupils and support their progress through Key Stages 3 and 4.

  • APP in English

    Examples of marked work (standards files) that uses assessment focuses to help you make level judgements when Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP).

  • Intervention and personalisation in English

    Lesson ideas to help you organise and monitor progression. This includes approaches you can use to reduce gaps in pupils’ performance through personalised support.

  • Speaking and listening

    A range of suggested approaches to help you build and secure pupils’ skills. This includes materials to help adapt teaching and use different contexts.

  • Improving teaching of Shakespeare

    Resources for your classroom, along with examples of best practice, performance videos and play extracts to enrich pupils' experiences of Shakespeare.

  • Targeting Levels

    These teaching units are designed to help pupils secure progression at their level. You can find links to the learning objectives to support and develop pupils’ understanding of English.

  • Teaching reading

    Ideas and suggestions on how you can help pupils improve their reading skills in English, across the curriculum and in real-life contexts.

  • Teaching writing

    Stimulating activities for difference text types and conventions to help pupils address their strengths and overcome challenges.

  • Study Plus

    A two-year programme aimed at helping Key Stage 4 pupils achieve their potential in GCSE mathematics and English.

  • Core plus in English

    Focused materials that help subject leaders of English to raise pupil attainment levels as part of the cross-curricular programme.