Classroom ideas and resources to support your use of the Framework. You'll find lesson plans, examples of best practice and planning tools to create engaging learning environments. There is also advice for subject leaders on how to initiate departmental improvement and reduce attainment gaps.

In this section

  • English

    Resources and activities to help you enrich pupils’ experiences of English. You can find ideas for effective planning and developing subject leadership to improve levels of attainment.

  • Mathematics

    Help pupils build and develop their mathematical skills. You can extend your teaching and help them describe, analyse and impact the world around them using these activities.

  • Science

    This practical support focuses on science strands with summaries of common issues, challenges and pupil misconceptions. You can also find teaching models and ideas that connect each of the science units.

  • ICT

    A range of approaches and strategies to build pupils’ research, processing and development skills. This includes materials to help you evaluate their progress.

  • Functional skills

    Apply and develop functional skills in a range of subjects across the curriculum, as part of the Functional Skills Support Programme.