A collection of resources and materials to support your planning, teaching and assessment and extend children's understanding and development across talking, spelling writing and reading.

In this section

  • Literacy Framework

    This set of unit plans and resources can be adapted to support your teaching, planning, and assessment. You can also see how the learning objectives and assessment criteria connect to the framework.

  • APP in Literacy

    Examples of marked work (Standards Files and training Standards Files) that use Assessment Focuses (AFs) to help you make level judgements when Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP).

  • Every Child a Writer (ECaW)

    Videos, case studies and materials showing how children can use this programme to develop their writing skills at Key Stage 2.

  • Communication, language and literacy Development (CLLD)

    Support for children’s listening, speaking, reading, writing and spelling skills, including their Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED).

  • Further literacy support

    A 12-week intervention programme focused on raising childrens’ attainment levels across the key areas of literacy.

  • Support for writing

    This collection of materials focus on Narrative, Non-fiction and Poetry text types and also show progression across Key stages 1 and 2.

  • Support for spelling

    Activities and yearly spelling programmes to help children understand and apply different spelling conventions and rules.

  • Planning for writing in Year 3 and Year 4

    Techniques and examples of plans to help you adjust your teaching to suit the needs of your class and support your unit planning.

  • Focus on talk

    Research and materials to support teaching and learning of talk. These include a position paper by Professor Neil Mercer and a re-examination of literacy learning objectives.