Notes for the subject leader

See how this is defined by Ofsted, in addition to a short summary of this section and two-step action plan.

Improving teaching and learning

A positive development in departments which were effective and improving was the use of meeting and planning time to discuss teaching and learning and share ideas…

… there is an urgent need to give far greater weight to ensuring that subject leaders focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning and on the curriculum that pupils receive…

… A prime reason for improving professional development is the need for schools to nurture and develop their staff. This is especially important in secondary schools, many of which experience severe difficulties in recruiting teachers and departmental leaders…

Mathematics: understanding the score, Ofsted 2008 (paragraphs 77, 83 and 85)

What is this section about?

This section describes features of an effective scheme of work in mathematics and sets out the key elements. It gives an overview of the other sections of the planning area and provides advice on leading and managing the process of developing your scheme of work.

Benefits include:

  • help in deciding how to plan a time line of actions to review and improve your scheme of work
  • clarifying key aspects of your role
  • information on how to involve other members of the department and your line manager.

Action plan for subject leaders

Your next steps may be to:

  • Review and improve the progression described in your scheme of work so that you set the right expectations year-on-year and term-by-term (see 'Planning for progression').
  • Work on the detail of particular units, starting with the pitch and structure of the unit (see Unit planning) or starting by working together on how to develop a particular piece of mathematics (see Rich tasks).