Tracking pupils' progress to mind the gap in science

Using strategies to track pupil's progress' is part of minding the gap. It helps you know about pupils' progress and enables you to address underperformance early to pupils make good progress

Tracking pupils' progress

Schools that are successful in minding the gap in science have effective tracking of pupils' progress. You can use valuable evidence from assessment for learning together with periodic assessment to:

  • track progress across the curriculum
  • identify patterns relating to pupils' or groups of pupils' progress in different curriculum areas
  • address and accelerate the underperformance of vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils early.

Strategies for use in school

Senior leaders, science subject leaders and teachers can review how they track pupils' progress against the Strategies and outcomes table for minding the gap in science.


Taking action

Once you've identified the patterns in pupils' progress, create an opportunity to express and respond to ideas about what will support effective learning on their part.

Activity for science subject leader and teacher

  • When is tracking data produced?
  • How is it shared with staff?
  • How is it used to support better pupil progress?
  • How is it used to track progress of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups? (special educational needs/English as an additional language/gifted and talented/gender)
  • How are various trends communicated to staff?
  • What is happening in your school to address this issue?