Lesson 8: Discussion with a visiting speaker

Lesson objectives

To listen actively to visiting speakers and contribute effectively to the following group discussion

Starter (5 minutes)

Ask pairs to discuss and clarify the lesson objective by putting it into their own words. Share a few interpretations.

Introduce emergency service visitors (e.g. fire service).

Main (40 minutes)

Visitors show a film/give a talk on their service and its history.



With the teacher chairing, pupils start the discussion by taking turns to ask relevant questions, adding ones that have arisen from the presentation. Ensure pupils also have the opportunity to respond to the visitors’ answers to show how they can move the discussion forward.


Pupils are supported and prompted by the teaching assistant (TA) to ask their prepared questions and respond to answers with further questions, as appropriate.

Plenary (15 minutes)

Using their journals, pupils assess their participation and the skills they used in the lesson. Teacher congratulates pupils on the progress made and asks them to look back at their first journal entries to:

  • identify what they feel they have improved in over the unit
  • clarify a target they will focus on in future lessons across the curriculum.


interactive whiteboard (IWB)/flipchart; visiting speaker(s); pupils’ journals

Suggested focus words

  • history, target, know, response, group
  • journal, contribution, presentation, answer, introduction