Incorporating Literacy Plus into the curriculum

Literacy Plus provides tuition which is additional to pupils’ entitlement to National Curriculum English. The teaching focuses on the aspects of speaking and listening, reading and writing that are essential for progressing from level 3 to level 4 in English and for learning effectively in other curriculum areas.

It is designed to run in two timetabled sessions per week, each session supported by a teaching assistant (TA) or mentor. The two lessons could be incorporated flexibly into the school timetable in a number of ways depending on the organisation of an individual school. For example:

  • In a school where groups in a lower ability band have five lessons of English a week, two out of five lessons could be designated for Literacy Plus.
  • In a school where some Year 7 pupils experience an integrated curriculum, the Literacy Plus units could be incorporated as part of the timetable.
  • In a school where pupils already have additional time for literacy, the Literacy Plus units can readily be incorporated.

Literacy Plus keys to success

Schools have found that Literacy Plus is most successful when it is:

  • timetabled during the school day for at least two lessons a week in addition to pupils’ entitlement to National Curriculum English
  • planned as a sequence of units with each unit as a sequence of eight to 12 lessons
  • based on a cluster of curricular targets that have been identified as relevant to the group and individuals within it
  • taught by staff who have been supported through training and materials including a TA or learning mentor who is attached to the group
  • linked closely to the main learning in English and other lessons.