SEAL theme 1 ‘Learning to be together’: Year 7 learning opportunities

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Publication overview

This publication contains ideas for learning opportunities, including how they can be planned and executed and information on how they can aid pupils’ social and emotional development. It includes a summary of learning opportunities, as well as outcomes and resource sheets and aims to provide flexible learning opportunities rather than explicit lesson plans.

The theme, ‘Learning to be together’, focuses primarily on the social and emotional aspect of learning social skills with a secondary focus on empathy. It is designed to promote the skills of interpersonal relations that are required for pupils to be successful across all aspects of school life.

Each learning opportunity starts with warm-up exercises and overall suggestions for reflection and enquiry, then continues with:

  • learning outcomes
  • planning ideas
  • suggested resources
  • background/setting up information
  • details of the activity
  • a plenary where learning is reviewed
  • suggestions for applying the learning.

Many of the activities require the pupils to work in collaborative groups or pairs to give them opportunities to practice social and emotional skills while they are learning more about these skills together.

Who’s it for?

Headteachers, teachers and practitioners in secondary schools, middle schools, special schools and local authority and Children’s Services staff