Plenary – teacher sets up a new problem

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Watch a video showing the teacher summarising what pupils have learnt so far, and then setting up work for the class linked to a new data-handling problem. This is one of seven videos that exemplify activities within Lesson 1 Episode 1 from the medium-term plan for data handling.

We started thinking about the whole problem, the whole task and we wrote all of the things down that we could think of. I then said to you, OK, what about the themes? So we looked at one of the sub-tasks. And just for that one sub-task we said, OK, what do we need to take into account? You've then had a go at doing that for yourself and tried to put questions down because if we do it as questions it's going to help us to actually solve the problem. It's going to help us do a survey if we need to do one and it's going to help us to make sure we've got answers to those questions before we actually go ahead and plan the ball. But this last bit is important as well. You've identified actually which bit comes first. You've identified which bit do we have to do first and Hayley has just very very well described, actually, we need to do them in the right order, don't we? So there's no point doing the advertising until you decide on the theme. No point doing the advertising until you decide what sort of food there is going to be. OK? And what you are going to go on to do is to have a look at a similar example.