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Watch a video of a teacher introducing a task to help pupils write better evaluations, and explaining to the pupils what they have to do to improve their work.

What I'm going to be focusing on today is very much the quality of your evaluations. We've noticed from last time, when you created your questionnaire and your analysis to the questionnaire, that your actual evaluations themselves weren't that precise. So what we're actually going to do today is try and look at using some of these connectives, which you may well have seen in English, to actually connect some of our sentences together. You'll remember that we've already created our newsletters, and this is what we're going to do our evaluation on. So have you all got a copy of your newsletters in front of you?
I want to show you something that I've set up that I think will help us to understand how we can actually develop good concluding sentences and good evaluations. I've got here the criteria which was directly from the DiDA website – so if you remember we've been looking at creating our newsletters based on the DiDA website criteria, and I've also got some of our statistical information that we've gathered from our analysis. So we've got, for instance here, '73% of girls looked at every page, 49% of boys looked at every page'. So some of the evaluations that you've done during your DiDA course. What we need to do though, is try and think about how we can connect these together to link the criteria and our evidence. Therefore we should be able to see exactly what we need to do to improve our leaflets further. We will also be able to come up with a very good argument as to why our leaflet is good and the cases against why we need to improve it. So we can start to use connectives in that way as well. I want to show you how I would start to approach this, and then I'm going to give you the opportunity to come up and s