The golden thread framework and self-review tool

You can find out how to use the golden thread framework and read a summary of the steps towards the effective use of data to close gaps in attainment.

What is the golden thread framework?

The golden thread framework is a five-step guide to the effective use of data to close attainment gaps between deprived and vulnerable learners and their peers. The five steps are:

  1. analyse and evaluate
  2. agree priorities
  3. set objectives
  4. focus actions
  5. measure impact.

The framework aims to make sure that efficient interrogation of data informs effective, focused and evaluated action – exemplifying the ‘golden thread of improvement’. You can use it as a tool for either development or self-review, but it is important to think about all parts of the process at the start.

As a self-review tool it will help you to test the focus and quality of your school’s work to close attainment gaps.

Five practical steps