What was done, when and how?

With the help of the North Yorkshire Business and Education Partnership (NYBEP), holders of the STEM ambassador programme contract, a group of ambassadors was assembled, matched to the outcomes required by the individual school.

Groups of pupils were taken out of lessons for an hour to 'speed date' the ambassadors. Each pupil was given 7 to 10 minutes to gather information about the work each ambassador did, and how it related to science. Pupils had to share their findings with each other at the end of the speed dating session.

In School A, STEM ambassadors were chosen because of the health and safety matters raised in their work, for example, as hairdressers or engineers from the local council. Year 11 pupils were briefed beforehand on health and safety and provided with a set of questions by the teachers.

In School B, STEM ambassadors with a wide range of science-related qualifications were selected, for example, a nurse, a research scientist, an engineer. Year 10 pupils were set the task of coming up with their own questions to elicit information from the visitors.