Theme 5: Getting ahead – learning to learn

Help pupils develop learning skills that enable the highest level of achievement – such as critical thinking skills; study skills; independent research skills.

Pupil starting points

The pupil may:

  • lack the attributes or skills for attaining higher grades
  • be dependent on teacher support, have poor study skills or be unable to tackle challenges independently.

Intended outcomes

The pupil knows what to do when an independent study task is set and has strategies to support tackling new and challenging tasks.

Reflective questions

  • What do I know about critical thinking skills?
  • What do I know about research skills?
  • What do I know about independent study/revision skills?

You may choose to use the Getting ahead – learning to learn: Learning log (DOC-222 KB) Attachments to record student responses to these questions.


Answer a few simple questions in the 'Getting ahead – learning to learn' resource finder to be directed to resources associated with this theme that may be relevant to you.