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SEAL: Family activities (gold set)

Parents and carers are the key to children's social, emotional and behavioural learning. They are the experts on their own child, and their knowledge about their child's developing skills can provide enormously valuable information about what is working and what is needed.

It is essential to involve parents and carers when introducing the approaches described in the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) materials. They should be consulted on initial planning and asked for their views as the work develops.

Many schools have launched their work on the curriculum materials with a specially planned workshop for parents/carers that explores the skills children will be developing. Ideas for such a workshop are provided.

In all the themes in the curriculum materials there are ideas for activities children can do at home with their families, to support their work in school and build on the partnership with parents/carers that has been established. These are to be found in the Gold set booklets.

The Gold set booklets have been translated into the following languages; Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Somali, Urdu, Vietnamese and Welsh.