Targets working towards level 4 or GCSE grade F/E

Targets working towards level 4 or GCSE grade F/E are listed below. The corresponding suggested teaching ideas to help achieve the targets for each assessment focus (AF) at this level can be selected from the left-hand menu.

AF1 targets

  • Make my ideas or feelings clear by talking at greater length and in more detail
  • Make sure people listening can follow what I am saying, by having a clear beginning, middle and end to my talk
  • Choose some words and gestures carefully to suit my topic and who I am talking to

AF2 targets

  • Listen carefully to others so that I can ask questions and add my own ideas
  • In pair and group work play a part in keeping the discussion going well

AF3 targets

  • Choose some words and actions in drama and role-play, to show what I understand about characters and situations

AF4 targets

  • Talk about how and why people (including me) change the way they speak in different situations