What works for white British boys – Case study: Beech Hill Primary School

December 2010
Narrowing the gaps
White British Boys
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Beech Hill Primary School

Context of the school

This case study has been developed by the school to reflect its practice and aspiration in meeting the needs of disadvantaged pupils.

At Beech Hill, we always have our shared vision at the heart of everything we do.

'Our vision is to provide each child with the skills, self belief and drive to reach high in life, for school to be outstanding in all it provides and for Beech Hill to be the heart and soul of the community.'

The principles of our school are:

  1. An unwavering belief that children need to enjoy their childhood as well as grow up prepared for adult life.
  2. We know that all children have the potential to succeed and should go as far as their talents can take them.
  3. High expectations= high achievements.

In 2003 we were in the position of being in the top ten worst schools in England but in 2006 we were the second most improved school in England. The standards achieved by our pupils in 2010 confirmed our belief that our children make outstanding progress:

  • English: 100% level 4+, 35% level 5
  • Reading: 100% level 4+, 54% level 5
  • Writing: 94% level 4+, 34% level 5

In English and mathematics 97% of children achieved level 4 and nearly all made two levels of progress:

  • English 100%
  • Maths 97%
  • English and mathematics 97%