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STEM enhancement and enrichment in science case studies, demonstrating effective practice in Key Stages 3 and 4.

These case studies describe actions taken in a range of secondary schools. Some have a focus on a particular group of pupils, such as girls, or the higher attaining and gifted and talented pupils; others describe actions taken with a specific year group.

  • Case study 1: The provision of careers education in science – describes how a newly formed Community School set up a careers day for the first cohort of pupils to reach Key Stage 4 so as to boost their motivation prior to the Science GCSE modular exams and provide a fuller understanding of the variety of careers available and how these relate to their science subjects.
  • Case Study 2: Collaborating with higher education (HE) describes how a joint school-university team provided girls with a range of unfamiliar scientific activities to explore to raise awareness of career possibilities and demonstrate some of the fun applications of science.
  • Case Study 3: 'Speed dating' with STEM ambassadors in science lessons describes how several schools in North Yorkshire have worked with the local STEMNET STEM Ambassador contract holder so that all pupils enhance their knowledge of careers underpinned by science. For pupils following vocational science courses, this also helped them to appreciate the impact of Health and Safety legislation on practitioners.
  • Case Study 4: Taking part in National Science and Engineering Week describes how one science department raised the profile of science by running a selection of events and dressing up as science-related objects and people during National Science and Engineering Week.
  • Case Study 5: Widening horizons and broadening the curriculum for gifted and talented (G&T) pupils describes how one specialist science college set out to encourage pupils to set their sights high, and to encourage G&T pupils in Year 8 to give serious consideration to Triple Science and to MFL GCSE courses.
  • Case Study 6: Tea plantations in Cornwall describes how pupils undertook an investigation to discover the best location for growing tea for commercial production in Cornwall. They made clear recommendations and presented their findings at the International Student Science Fair 2008 in Japan.
  • Case Study 7: Working with civil engineering ambassadors describes the outcome of collaboration between the Institution of Civil Engineers, Kent and Medway STEM point, Medway LA and local STEM ambassadors who have developed a module on the construction, use and location of piers which provides pupils with the opportunity to explore the properties of concrete, handle data and solve problems while supported by a civil engineer.