Key concepts and processes for Strand 3

Pupils will have experienced ICT throughout early years and primary stages and developed some understanding of it. They will continue to develop this understanding during Key Stages 3 and 4, through ideas and activities.

Here you will find summaries of this experience, the reason for this focus on ‘Communicating information’ and what to expect when teaching. You’ll also find suggestions for focused activities that you can plan with other departments to reinforce pupils’ development across the curriculum.

Why this focus?

Communication helps to form communities: to transmit values, experiences and traditions, and develop the community's potential. Communication plays a large part in preparing pupils to be a part of a wider community, with a voice and with responsibilities for others.

Pupils of all abilities (including those with special educational needs) can develop an awareness of their voice and responsibilities during this strand. You can support this through sensitive teaching and the involvement of good role models across the school.