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Managing risk

This topic will provide an opportunity to explore risk and develop strategies to help pupils manage the risks in their lives. It recognises that nearly all human activity has some associated risks and provides opportunities for pupils to explore and understand how we might recognise those risks and make wise and balanced choices to minimise risk while taking a full part in a range of experiences.

Some of those who might benefit from this type of group work might engage in or be vulnerable to taking part in high-risk activities such as substance abuse, smoking, and criminal or anti-social behaviour. When using this topic schools might make links with a range of school and community initiatives such as safer schools partnerships, restorative justice approaches used within the school, Connexions services and programmes, Youth Inclusion Programmes (YIPs), Positive Activities for Young People (PAYP), Positive Futures, drug counselling services, etc. Schools may wish to draw on the expertise and resources of such projects in planning and delivering the topic.

This topic is designed to help young people to:

  • become more aware of risks and the consequences of certain choices
  • develop assertiveness skills
  • learn how to make appropriate choices.