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Problem solving

Problem solving is a generic skill that can be applied to a wide range of situations. This topic will explore how problem-solving strategies can be applied, particularly with regard to social situations.

The pupils who might benefit from this small focus group topic are likely to be those who regularly and routinely have difficulty in finding a solution to a problem, either avoiding it (‘hoping for the best’ and sometimes lying to themselves and others about a situation), or repeatedly using a restricted range of strategies and behaviour patterns that result in negative outcomes for themselves or other people. A group of pupils who might benefit from focus group work in this area might be those in danger of exclusion.

This topic will support individuals in facing up to problems, thinking through the consequences of different courses of action and learning and using a range of generic strategies (e.g. positive thinking, solution-focused thinking and accessing social support) to address problems such as managing impulses and strong feelings.

This topic is designed to help young people to:

  • recognise problems
  • explore possibilities and identify potential solutions
  • develop and use supportive networks.