Private Johnson Beharry, Victoria Cross (VC)

Private Johnson Gideon Beharry, click to view larger image, this will open in a new window

Private Johnson Gideon Beharry was awarded the Victoria Cross, Britainís highest award for bravery, whilst based in Al Amarah, Maysan Province, Iraq, in 2004. Private Beharry is the first person to receive the Victoria Cross since 1982 and the first non-posthumous British Forces recipient since 1965.

Private Beharry performed two individual acts of heroism in Iraq, saving the lives of many comrades. Both acts were in the face of intense enemy fire and at great risk to his personal safety. He sustained very serious injuries and was treated at the Royal College of Defence Medicine in Birmingham.

Private Beharry was born in Grenada on 27th July 1979 and came to the UK on 6th August 1999. He enlisted in the Princess of Walesís Royal Regiment in August 2001, and prior to his posting to Iraq in April 2004, Private Beharry spent six months in Kosovo and three months in Northern Ireland. Before joining the Army he worked in the construction industry.

The Victoria Cross, click to view larger image, this will open in a new window

The Victoria Cross

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