Assessment summary

Joe is very keen on model-making and imaginative play based on his models and the ideas they provoke; much of his best writing has been produced as a result of cross-curricular and self-initiated learning. Gradually his knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, writing has increased, particularly when he works with a partner or in a group.

When someone else is scribing he contributes many ideas. He also likes performing plays that he has written with his friends. Regular teaching of phonics is beginning to have an impact on his accuracy, his confidence and his belief that he can write. He is taught in a mixed Reception and Year 1 class. The curriculum is organised with different areas of provision which the children access independently as well as including directly-taught inputs.


Joe uses clauses, phrases and sometimes sentences. In the earlier recount he was simply stringing words together. Over the term, and when working with support from his friends, he has begun to link clauses together more consistently (AF5 level 1).


Clauses and phrases are not yet always grammatically accurate. Joe uses capital letters and full stops although full stops are not used consistently or accurately, e.g. in writing about his spider model. When reading his work aloud he pauses at the end of sentences (AF6 below level 1).


Joe is making use of conventional story openings, e.g. 'Once upon a time there was a flower…' Events and ideas are included in an appropriate order, for example he describes the order in which he made his spider model (AF3 level 1).


Ideas are linked in Joe's writing. In the diary he used a weekly structure and his writing about the model is sequential. Connections between ideas have become more interesting as he has started writing at greater length. There is some insecurity in his attempts to connect his ideas using pronouns (AF4 level).


Joe has begun to understand that writing is about communicating a message for others to read. He is increasingly able to convey his own ideas through selecting appropriate words (AF1 level 1).


Joe has attempted to write in several forms recount, diary and information report showing a basic understanding of the form of each one (AF2 level 1).


Joe's language choices are often very simple; however, his choice of vocabulary becomes more varied when linked to his topic work (AF7 level 1).


Joe's writing usually includes a sufficient number of recognisable words to enable the text to be read. He has a growing understanding of grapheme-phoneme correspondences and is beginning to apply these to his independent writing. He writes a small number of key words accurately but these correct spellings are not always consistent (AF8 below level 1).

Handwriting and presentation

Joe sometimes leaves spaces between words and makes some distinctions between upper and lower case letters. Teacher knowledge confirms his use of a keyboard to present work. Concerns about the orientation of letters and letter formation led to the judgement that Joe has not yet securely achieved level 1 for handwriting and presentation.