Mathieu Briand: SYS*011. Mie>AbE/SoS\ SYS*010, aka the Spiral

Mathieu Briand, SYS*011. Mie>AbE/SoS\ SYS*010, 2002. Installation view at 'Sonic Process', Macba, Barcelona, Spain, 2002
Mathieu Briand
SYS*011. Mie>AbE/SoS\ SYS*010 2002
Installation view at 'Sonic Process', Macba, Barcelona, Spain, 2002
Courtesy Mathieu Briand & Galerie Maisonneuve, Paris
Friday 25 May 2007, 17.00–18.00
Saturday 26 May 2007, 10.00–18.00

French artist Mathieu Briand will turn the Turbine Hall into a gigantic sound installation: SYS*011. Mie>AbE/SoS\ SYS*010, also known as the Spiral. Briand’s installation will create a massive, experimental sound recording studio and performance space in the East End of the Turbine Hall.

On Friday, young people from local Southwark schools will take part in specially designed workshops in the Spiral arranged by The Sonic Arts Network, a UK organisation which explores the art of sound.

On Saturday, this unique sculptural environment with open decks and vinyl-cut machine will be explored through seven original performances, which will include Mathieu Briand, Charlie Dark, si-cut.db, Sarah Washington, Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos, The Bug in collaboration with Spaceape and Radio Active Man.

Mathieu Briand (born 1972) lives and works in Paris, France. He creates large installations that explore systems of stimulation, play and perception and his work often involves active participation from the audience.

This project is supported by L' Institut Francais du Royaume-Uni

Opening up art. Tate Modern Collection with UBS   

Tate Modern  Turbine Hall
Free, no bookings taken

Access for wheelchairs and pushchairs  


Each performance lasts approximately 30 minutes.

12.00 Mathieu Briand

13.00 Sarah Washington and Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos

14.00 SI-CUT.DB

15.00 Charlie Dark

16.00 The Bug in collaboration with Spaceape

17.00 Radio Active Man



Charlie Dark first popped onto the musical radar back in the nineties as a DJ and founding father of Hip-Hop-inspired trio Attica Blues, releasing records on James Lavelle's Mo Wax Records and Sony Records respectively. As a remixer and producer his distinctive drum driven sound has found favor with a multitude of artists from around the world gracing the turntables of DJs in the know from many different scenes. When not buried deep in the studio Charlie can be found in classrooms across the county sharing his love of poetry and creative writing and helping young people discover their inner voices. In the remaining midnight hours Charlie heads a loose collective of artists known as Blacktronica, holds a monthly gathering at the BFI and spins records in clubs across the globe. On this occasion he’ll be debuting brand new work under his new Bass Poet moniker, a fusion of Dub, Hip Hop and spoken word.

Xentos 'Fray' Bentos is an unwilling hero of the London sound art underworld. Over 30 years he has continued to amaze, confound and wrong-foot his peers, ultimately creating a world-wide fanatical following for his prolific and unclassifiable work. From his un-humble beginnings as the fresh-faced firebrand bass player of a cult punk band, his personas soon became unlimited, including the ever-popular Harmon E. Phraisyar of the eponymous Resonance 104.4FM radio serial. The latter serves as a cunning vehicle for him to kill off characters from the world of improvised music. He did not write this biography.

Sarah Washington is an artist and an cultural coordinator working with sound and radio. Formerly a Director of the London Musicians' Collective, she helped set-up the radio station Resonance 104.4FM. For her performances she creates hand-made electronic instruments by circuit bending toys, and utilizes ultrasonic devices and radio technology. Sarah creates innovative radio works, writes articles on radio and sound art, and teaches workshops for cultural institutions across Europe. She helped instigate the international network of independent radio stations called Radia and has been on the road since 2005 with the traveling European radio and sound art project Mobile Radio.

Kevin Martin aka The Bug in collaboration with Spaceape has recorded as God, Experimental Audio Research, Techno Animal, The Sidewinder, Ice and The Bug. At present, Kevin Martin works solo as The Bug. He recorded for Rephlex, Wordsound, Tigerbeat 6 and Klein in the past, and is now recording an album for Ninja Tune. He has received public praise from the likes of Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, Radiohead's Thom Yorke, The Special's Jerry Dammers and Adrian Sherwood. For the upcoming Tate Modern performance he will collaborate with spoken word artist, Spaceape. Spaceape has recorded a critically acclaimed album for the Hyperdub label(Home to Burial), with long term collaborator Kode 9. For their collaboration debut, the Bug will soundtrack Spaceape's afro-futurist poetry with heavyweight rhythms and electronic abrasion, fusing the deepest dub with intense ragga and experimental soundscapes.

Keith Tenniswood aka Radio Active Man started playing guitar aged nine and then proceeded through his teenage years to join various local bands until he discovered the joys of Acid House and rave in the early 90's, which culminated in the rave that took place at Castlemorton. After this scene died down a bit he started to frequent legendary clubs like the Drum Club, Sabresonic, and Full Circle where he met Jagz Kooner and Andrew Weatherall of Sabres of Paradise. Using the minimal knowledge of studios and a keen ear, he did the front of house sound for the Sabres on their support tour with Primal Scream in 1995. Through his now ten years partnership with Andrew Weatherall as Two Lone Swordsmen, Keith released 4 albums as well as countless EP's and 12's. As Radio Active Man, Keith recorded 2 albums, 'Radioactive Man' and 'Booby Trap' on Rotters Golf Club, and various EP's, inc. 'The Uranium EP' and 'Dive and Lie Wrecked'. The third album entitled 'Growl' will be out in autumn 2006 also on Rotters Golf Club while a 12" will be out on his own label, Control Tower, in Sept 06. Control Tower has started in 99 with fellow cohort Simon Srown, a.k.a The Dexorcist. Keith’s DJing has taken him all over the planet including Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Istanbul, Budapest, Barcelona, Rome or Paris. His DJ style is underground dancing music taking in Electro, Breaks, Techno and Drum n’ Bass.

SI-CUT.DB Based in west London, Douglas Benford has been releasing his digital music under the alias SI-CUT.DB (and other guises) since 1991, with seven albums released under this moniker. His soundscapes range from microsound and electronica to dub. Benford has released music on labels Fällt, Bip Hop, BackGround, Highpoint Lowlife and 12K, as well as works on Mutek Rec, Warp and Wire magazine compilations, performing at internationally at MUTEK & New Forms (Canada), Ars Electronica, Nokialab (Moscow), Transmediale, Lovebytes, Synch (Athens), Sintesi (Naples), Dis-patch (Belgrade) Sightsonic (York, as part as the Touch label 25 performances), Transit (Switzerland) festivals amongst other events. In the last two years Benford has been nominated and short-listed in both the QWARTZ (twice) awards in France, and the Arts Foundation (London). His Collaborators include Scanner, Rechenzentrum, Janek Schaefer, Iris Garrelfs, and currently Stephan Mathieu, Granny'Ark and Benge [as Tennis]. Benford's current approach to his work tends to be generative, employing morphing source techniques, from improvised acoustic, analogue & field recordings. Benford and has also been a co-curator of Sprawl music events and label for over eleven years, as well as founding the Suburbs Of Hell and Pantunes labels.