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"the key to managing IT services"

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ITIL v2 is to be withdrawn and a consultation has been launched to gather users’ views on the best way to do this.  itSMF International is conducting on behalf of OGC. To take part in the consultation go to and complete the online survey by 24th July 2009.

In June 2010 the Minister for the Cabinet Office announced a reorganization of some Government activities. As part of this the Best Management Practice portfolio and its functions transferred over to Cabinet Office. This web page will be archived very soon and we recommend that you refer to the Cabinet Office website for the latest information on Best Management Practice -

Books and resources

The new ITIL (Version 3)

There are five core titles in the ITIL series. They are available in three versions - book, CD-ROM and intranet licence. Each book covers an aspect of the Service Lifecycle:

Service Strategy
A sound service strategy is essential in the creation of high quality IT services. It provides a base upon which to build a successful service management function and ensures that best value is delivered to business customers. This Service Strategy book is a major strength of the new ITIL library. It introduces the service lifecycle and encourages the development of a business perspective. Whether you are a service provider or a business customer, this book guides you through the choices that you need to make to achieve service excellence. 

Service Design
Well-designed services play a vital role in realizing a sound service strategy. Effective design contributes towards the delivery of quality services that meet or exceed customer expectations. This book shows you how to create valuable IT service assets for your organisation, but within business constraints, such as time and money. It provides a framework for service design that considers customer requirements, both now and in the future, while keeping the business view firmly in sight.

Service Transition
Successfully bringing a well-designed service into the live environment takes efficient planning. It is necessary to deliver new or changed services with the appropriate balance of speed, cost and safety while ensuring minimum disruption to operations. Service Transition provides and supports the ‘business as usual’ delivery of the organisation’s requirements from IT. This book provides guidance on managing the many aspects of service changes, preventing undesired consequences while allowing for innovation. It is essential reading for anyone seeking to deliver IT change with the best possible benefit to the business.

Service Operation
Once services have been successfully delivered into the live environment they need to be managed effectively on a day-to-day basis. It is here, at the customer interface, that perceptions about your performance as a service provider are created, and your success will be judged. This book introduces and explains delivery and control activities that support high quality service operation. Use of the guidance will help to ensure a balanced and flexible approach, setting you firmly on the road to achieving excellence as a service provider.

Continual Service Improvement
Even with a successful service operation in place, there is still a need to consider improvements at every opportunity. This will help protect against losing your competitive edge and will ensure that the best possible outcomes are being achieved. This book focuses on the process elements involved in identifying and introducing a cycle of service management improvements. It provides structure for your approach to assessing and measuring services and helps you to avoid short-terms fixes in favour of a continual improvement in quality that truly benefits your business customers.

ITIL products can be ordered directly via the ITIL publications page at the Best Management Practice web site You may also order by telephone on 0870 600 5522.

ITIL products are available internationally via TSO and its agents.

Older ITIL titles

ITIL Version 2
The following titles will be available for at least the remainder of 2007:
    * Service Support
    * Service Delivery
    * Planning to Implement Service Management
    * Application Management
    * ICT Infrastructure Management
    * Security Management
    * Software Asset Management
    * The Business Perspective: The IS View on Delivering Services to the Business

Multiple user licences
Multiple-user licences are available for ITIL CD-ROMs from the TSO on-line book shop.

International Standards
ITIL provides the means to comply with ISO/IEC 20000 specification and code of practice on IT Service Management

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Vendor and User Group
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