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Competitive Dialogue Resources

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Since its inception in 2006, Competitive Dialogue (CD) is still a relatively new procedure. It may take some time for procurers and suppliers to become highly experienced in its use and address the issues which arise. This page contains a list of links to the main publications and providers of information on competitive dialogue.      

OGC Guidance
OGC and the Treasury published joint guidance on using competitive dialogue in June 2008, which draws on the experiences of people that have used the procedure.
The guidance is available here: OGC/HMT 2008 guidance on competitive dialogue (PDF, 276KB)

OGC has also published earlier guidance in 2006. Whilst many of the key messages are updated or elaborated upon by the 2008 guidance, there are also still useful points within the earlier guides which practitioners may want to consider. These guides are:

OGC Case Studies on Competitive Dialogue
OGC is working with public sector practitioners to identify real examples of competitive dialogue projects. The case studies available currently are:

  • BBC’s Digital Switchover Help Scheme(PDF, 75.25KB) - a £600m project awarded in 2008 to provide help to around 7 million people in making the transition to digital TV
  • The Olympic Delivery Authority’s procurement for a Delivery Partner - this was the first high profile use of the procedure - ODA and Competitive Dialogue - Lessons Learned (PDF, 148KB)
  • A bidder's perspective (PDF, 66KB)- this case study illustrates the experience of MGWSP, the successful bidder in a competitive dialogue with Northamptonshire Council, for the delivery of integrated highways services

CD in the public sector
Many organisations have produced material relating to how they see CD being implemented. Material on this page includes links to a number of organisations so you can see how thinking and practice is developing across the public sector. We are not endorsing these approaches, but consider that it is as well for procurers to see how others are approaching the topic and the breadth of material available.

Department of Health
"Competitive Dialogue Guidance" (External PDF) presentation
Treasury view on competitive dialogue & debt funding competitions: presentation

Local Partnerships
Use these search criteria for competitive dialogue documents on the Local Partnerships web site:

  • A new chapter in procuring large and complex projects June 2006
  • A Map of the PFI Process Using Competitive Dialogue
  • Competitive Dialogue Process Diagram

Building Schools for the Future
How to Conduct a Competitive Dialogue (External MS Word)

Websites which provide information relating to procurement procedures and processes and also address Competitive Dialogue: