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Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

PPM Council


The PPM Council was first convened on the 15th December 2008 and provides a forum where the head of the government’s Programme and Project Management (PPM) profession, Nigel Smith, can meet with heads of the PPM profession from across central government. The PPM Council will meet between four and six times a year and will be chaired by Nigel Smith. Secretariat for the PPM Council is provided by the PPM Skills & Capability Team within OGC.


The purpose of the PPM Council is to provide strategic direction for the PPM Skills and Capability Initiative that the PPM leadership community (the Heads of Centres of Excellence, and equivalents) embarked on earlier in 2008 (with OGC support). There is no expectation that the Council will play a 'mandatory' role.

Ultimately, this collective initiative is aimed at improving Government’s capability and capacity to successfully deliver its programmes and projects. The Council agenda includes not just the PPM profession but also connections with other key professions that impact on delivery, such as policy and procurement, and the effectiveness of sponsorship and governance.

PPM Council Terms of Reference


Department for Business Innovation and Skills Lisa Lyne Director of PPM
Cabinet Office Alexis Cleveland Director General
Department of Communities and Local Government Andrea Lee Deputy Director
Crown Prosecution Service Gail Lamb Head of Programmes and Projects Division
Department of Energy and Climate Change   Martin Deutz Director - Cleaner Fossil Fuels Unit & DECC Commercial Director
Department of Culture, Media and Sport Lesley McAvoy Head of Programme Office
Department of Education Dee Legg Head of Intelligence Management & Resource Allocation
Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Nigel Atkinson Head of Assurance and Head of the Centre of Excellance
Department for International Development Gordon Alexander Head of PPM and Strategy
Department of Finance and Personnel - Northern Ireland Des Armstrong
Director of Central Procurement Directorate
Department for Transport Lucy Chadwick Director
Department of Health Richard Mundon Director of Operations
Department of Work and Pensions Joe Harley IT Director General & Chief Information Officer
Foreign and Commonwealth Office Liane Saunders Head of Consular Crisis Group
GCHQ Representative Representative
Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Paul Hirst Head of PPM, Good Practice, Assurance & Tracking
Home Office David Ackland Head of Programme Project Management Support Unit
Ministry of Defence Vic Jenkins  Director General ISTAR 
Ministry of Justice John Aspinall Director of Estate Capacity
Scottish Government Anne Moises Chief Information Officer
Welsh Assembly Government Richard Wilson Director

OGC Membership

David Pitchford Executive Director, Major Projects Chair
Bob Assirati Director, Major Projects OGC Major Projects
Jane Grant Director, Capability Improvement PPM Council Secretariat