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Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Planning and initiating an OGC Gateway Review

Planning for reviews

What is the process

Every OGC Gateway™ Review goes through a sequence of activities, as indicated in the diagram, (PPT, 35KB)starting with the completion of a Risk Potential Assessment (RPA) (MS Word, 227KB)* by the SRO and concluding with the delivery of the Final Report.

Each Review takes 3-4 days, and is undertaken by a Review Team of 3-4 reviewers.  A spirit of openness and a willingness to work together are essential to the achievement of a useful Review Report.  The Review aims to produce candid and practice recommendations, based on Best Practice. 

* A Risk Potential Assessment (RPA) is suitable for both programmes and projects and is based on an assessment of impact and complexity before the start of each OGC Gateway Review. It is used as a guide to identify the skills and resources required in the review team.

NB: The RPA is Word Document.  If you have any other difficulties in accessing the RPA call the OGC Service Desk on 0845 000 4999. Before starting work on the RPA it is recommended that you first save it to your local hard disk. Guidance on how to complete the RPA is contained within the document. The Departmental Gateway Coordinator (DGC) can provide advice and support in helping with the completion of the RPA. 

Initiating reviews

  • The SRO contacts the local PPM Centre of Excellence (COE) or  Departmental Gateway Co-ordinator (DGC) as soon as a requirement for a review is established and completes a   Risk Potential Assessment (RPA) (MS Word, 227KB)
  • The COE/DGC sends a copy of the completed RPA to OGC at
  • Upon completion of the RPA, it is sent to the appropriate Departmental Gateway team to commence arranging the review.  For Central Government HR Projects the RPA should then be sent to OGC.
  • An Assessment Meeting with the SRO/Project Manager to understand the programme/project key issues and assess readiness for Review before selecting the team
  • It normally requires 8 weeks’ notice in order to undertake the necessary planning and team selection
  • When selected, the Review Team Leader makes initial contact with the SRO to confirm the agenda for the Planning Meeting

 Before or following the Planning Meeting, the Programme/Project Team will plan and undertake all the administrative aspects involved in setting up an effective Review.

Planning for an OGC Gateway Review

The OGC Gateway™ Process incorporates a Planning Meeting that takes place up to 2 weeks before the Review.

The Planning Meeting is where the Review and Programme/Project Teams meet for the first time.  The objectives of the Planning Meeting are:

  • understand the Review process and agree the code of conduct for the Review
  • share information on the current status for the programme/project
  • clarify the issues that the Review Team will focus on
  • confirm the documents needed
  • confirm the stakeholders to be interviewed
  • agree the logistics for the Review
  • confirm appropriateness of the Review Team organisation and skills
  • identify any problems affecting the Review and agree remedial action

Before or following the Planning Meeting, the Programme/Project Team will plan and undertake all the administrative aspects involved in setting up an effective Review.

Conducting an OGC Gateway Review

The OGC workbooks suggest the key areas to be reviewed and a schedule of the documentation likely to be useful for that Gateway Review.

The Review Team establishes its findings primarily on the basis of:
The documentation supplied by the programme/project
Interviews with key staff and stakeholders

A schedule of interviews confirmed at the Planning Meeting, is used by the  The Review Team Leader to establish the scope, stakeholder engagement, their level of commitment, progress to date, major risks and issues. 

The Review Team produces a report summarising the findings and recommendations on the final day of the review. Ownership of the report recommendations actions rest with the SRO.  Copies of the report are issued to the COE (and when appropriate OGC) for analysis of issues and lessons learned.

Supporting Guidance

Best Practice Links provided below, may be useful for Reviewers and Programme/Project Managers in preparing for an OGC Gateway Review.