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Local Environment Risk Assessment for Pesticides (LERAP)

Certain pesticides have an aquatic buffer zone requirement when applied by horizontal boom or broadcast air-assisted sprayers. If you want to reduce this aquatic buffer zone, there is a legal obligation to carry out and record a Local Environment Risk Assessment for Pesticides (LERAP).

If you just want to apply the label buffer zone you don’t have to carry out a LERAP. But you are still legally obliged to record this decision as normal in your spray records, as advised in section 6 of the updated Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products (keeping spray records) (originally in Part 4 of the Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Pesticides on Farms and Holdings (Green Code)).

Scheme Booklets

Both schemes are fully described in two scheme booklets. You can download them here.

Note: all references to the Green Code in these booklets should now refer to the updated Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products.

These free booklets can also be ordered from Defra Publications.


Approved products with aquatic buffer zone restrictions.

You can search for information on recent changes and future developments as well as the current position on individual products.

Equipment awarded LERAP low-drift star ratings.

CRD recognises the spray equipment listed as having a ‘ LERAP - low drift status’. For the purposes of the LERAP scheme all spray equipment not formally recognised by CRD as having ‘ LERAP - low drift’ status should be considered as a ‘standard reference sprayer’; irrespective of any manufacturer's claims.

Sample LERAP Record Form

LERAP record form (pdf, 1 page)
A short and simple form for you to download and print.

Online Arable Buffer Zone Calculator

A handy way to work out your arable buffer zone.

You'll need a Java enabled version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 (or later) or Netscape Navigator 4 (or later) to run the calculator.

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