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The Campaign Against Illegal Poisoning of Wildlife (CAIP)

New Campaign provider: A three-year contract began on 1st April 2008. The new stand-alone website is available at


The Campaign Against Illegal Poisoning of Wildlife (CAIP) aims to protect some of Britain’s rarest birds of prey and wildlife from pesticide poisoning.

CRD leads the Campaign which is strongly supported by a range of organisations associated with animal welfare, nature preservation, field sports and gamekeeping including the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Natural England, the Countryside Alliance, British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

The objective of the Campaign is to deter the illegal use of pesticides by:Logo: new CAIP

  • advising farmers, gamekeepers and other land managers on legal ways of controlling pests.
  • advising the public on how to report illegal poisoning incidents and to respect the need for legal alternatives.

CAIP Meetings

We meet with other interested parties once a year. The last meeting was on 7 May 2009. The next meeting will be held in March 2010. If you would like to attend our next meeting either email or ring us on: 01904 455746.

Further details

Further stakeholder details can be found on the CAIP website, at

How can you help?

Look out for

  • Dead animals cut open and staked out - these may be laced with poison
  • Several dead birds or other dead animals found close together
  • Animals which appear to have died without obvious reason or lying next to something that may have been eaten
  • Pet dogs falling very ill after a walk in the countryside

If you suspect animals have been poisoned with pesticides or are at risk

Call 0800 321600 to report suspected poisoning - calls are free

Do not touch suspected bait or dead casualties - warn others to keep away

Cover the evidence if you can, but don't disturb it

Make a note of location and details

Campaign Stands

Details of shows that the Campaign will be attending will be available on the CAIP website, soon.

Campaign Publications

A series of publications relating to the Campaign are available on the CAIP website at

Links to External Organisations



We appreciate and value your feedback (comments or questions) regarding any information, or any aspect of our work represented on this website.

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