Product Recalls websiteWe’ve been talking for a while about the first project that we’ve been building, and today we’re pleased to be able to switch on the Product Recalls website.

The issue of product recalls is a tricky one.  Some companies publish notices in the national newspapers or display a poster in their shop window. Some of these notices are published on the Trading Standards Institute website; others are published on the European Commission Consumer Affairs site.  However, without checking these sources regularly, there is no easy way of discovering if something you have bought has been recalled.

The website aims to solve this problem.  It collects UK and European product recall notices from the European Commission and publishes them via RSS and email.  You can sign up for weekly or monthly email alerts, search the database of recalls for keywords (such as product or brand name), and subscribe to them through your RSS reader.

We’ve tried to build the site so that recalled products can easily be found in existing search engines – an issue not considered by some of the other solutions.

The site is in its first iteration, so we will be looking at how we can improve the offering over the next few months.  In the mean time, take a look at the site and let us know any comments and suggestions you have.