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E-mail lists

HEFCE uses several e-mail lists to send messages to higher education institutions (HEIs) and anyone else with an interest in higher education. Follow the JISCmail links below to subscribe to (or unsubscribe from) these lists:

admin-hefce - our main list for HEIs, which includes alerts about our press releases and recently published documents (average 8 mailings a month)

charityreg-hefce - updates on HEFCE's role as principal regulator of those HEIs that are exempt charities (average 2 mailings a month)

ref-news - updates on the development of the Research Excellence Framework (average 1 mailing a month)

Monthly e-newsletters

update-hefce - a monthly round-up of HEFCE news, publications and web updates

governance-hefce - a monthly bulletin aimed at governors of HEIs

Numbered electronic publications

Up until 2011 HEFCE made some of its announcements to the HE sector via electronic publications in a numbered series, sent to admin-hefce. An archive of these is provided below.

Index of numbered electronic publications

Archives of e-mail lists

News feeds and Twitter

News feeds and Twitter allow you to see when new content has been added to our web-site.

Last updated 15 June 2011