Farm rents

A review was carried out in 2009, in consultation with stakeholders, to determine the best source of farm rents data in Defra. It concluded that the Farm Business Survey should become the main source of data and that the Tenanted Land Survey (the previous source of rent data) should be discontinued. Full details of the review can be found via the ‘Farm rents data source review’ link below.

The latest release provides details of average rents paid under Full Agricultural Tenancies, Farm Business Tenancies and Seasonal agreements for 2005 to 2009 and the land area covered by these agreements. Results are presented by farm type, region and LFA (less favoured area) type.

Rent prices for previous years are available for the Farm Business Survey via the ‘FBS dataset’ link below. Historical rent data from the now discontinued Annual Rent Enquiry (1968-1995) and Tenanted Land Survey (1996-2006) are included in separate datasets.

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