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About this site

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We have been carrying out some technical development of the Defra website on Thursday 31 March. We regret any disruption whilst the address changes take effect.

The main Defra website is now back at its proper address. Our old website has been moved to and will remain available for a time while we continue to work on migrating some content onto the new site.

We are putting in place redirections so that where people follow links to the old website, we will help them to find relevant material on the new site (as well as helping them to still follow old links where necessary).

Our approach

Our overall goal is to ensure that the new Defra website reflects the latest government policies and priorities, focuses on updated headline information covering all our main business areas, and directs people where appropriate to more detailed information elsewhere (eg Directgov or Business Link) or to key documents, legislation and guidance.  We want to make sure our information meets the needs of our customers, that it remains concise and easy-to-understand, and that we make the most popular or important information easy to find.

We regret any inconvenience caused by these necessary changes to improve our website.

We have taken the opportunity to add some new features, including a Twitter feed, and links to our pages on You Tube and Flickr. You can also subscribe to our news updates using an RSS feed.

For the technically minded, in the interests of speed and cost-effectiveness we are building the new site using open source WordPress software.

Page last modified: 31 March 2011