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For a full appreciation of INSPIRE you are recommended to visit the EC’s INSPIRE website

In summary, the INSPIRE Regulations 2009 came into effect on 31 December 2009. There are separate but essentially consistent regulations covering England, Northern Ireland and Wales;[SI 2009 No 3157] and Scotland  [SSI 2009 No 440]. Together they implement the EC Directive 2007/2/EC.

Guide to the INSPIRE Regulations in England, Northern Ireland and Wales

Further guidance, particularly for INSPIRE data owners and service providers who have duties under these regulations will be published in due course on these web pages.

An interest group for the implementation of INSPIRE within the UK Location Programme has also been set up as part of the INSPIRE Forum.

For anyone interested in seeing how the regulations have implemented the provisions of the Directive the  Transposition Note is available.

The UK along with other Member States provided a response to the EC’s 2010-11 State of Play Questionnaire, on the status of transposition and implementation of the EU INSPIRE Directive.  This is a response to the regular survey carried out by the University of Leuven which aims to describe, analyse and assess the status of INSPIRE and NSDI implementation in 32 countries in Europe: 27 Member States, 4 EFTA countries and 1 Candidate Country.  Both the UK and EU-wide summary are available on the INSPIRE website.

The UK along with all EU Member States is required annually in May to submit to the EC a monitoring report. 

Additionally, every 3 years, Member States provide the EC with a Member State Report which focuses on describing the structures in place to achieve implementation, and explains the UK’s plans and aims for delivery of successful outcomes.  This year’s report, the first, explains that the programme is moving from the conceptual design and planning stage into detailed design and implementation.

The most recent annual EU INSPIRE Conference was held in Krakow from 22-25 June 2010 and was attended by around 700 people.  A report to UK Location Council was written by a group of attendees from the UK.

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The regulations were preceded by a consultation on the policy principles which took place between March and May 2009. This consisted of a formal written consultation and outreach events in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. A summary of responses report on this consultation was published in July 2009 and is available at the following link: