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Please Note: The UK PRTR 2009 dataset is now available. As with the previous reporting year (2008), users will be able to access information about pollutants and waste transfers from a variety of industrial sources where the threshold has been met or exceeded.

The current dataset has been collated using information from the Environment Agency, local authorities in England and Wales, Department for Energy and Climate Change, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. Please use the contact details supplied if you would like more information.

Welcome to the United Kingdom Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (UK PRTR) website. The website has been developed in close consultations with partners across a variety of agencies the Environment Agency (EA), Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA); the Department for Environment (Northern Ireland) and Defra's technical partners, AEA.

Over the course of time, we will be adding more information and links. If you would like to discuss how the site is run, any aspects of the information provided, or if you have any suggestions, please use the contact us page and we will endeavour to respond to your correspondence as quickly as is possible.

You may find the NAEI website useful as a source for checking diffuse pollution to air.

Summary of 2009 Data

Release of Vinyl chloride in 2009 (in %)
Summary chart

Amount of release (unit in kg)

Releases to AirReleases to LandReleases to WaterWastewater Transfer

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