Embedded Materials

Embedded teaching and learning combines the development of literacy, language and numeracy with vocational and other skills. The skills acquired provide learners with the confidence, competence and motivation necessary for them to progress, gain qualifications, and succeed in life and at work.

These embedded learning materials exemplify how to integrate the teaching of relevant literacy, language and numeracy skills with the teaching of particular vocational, employment-related or community topics.  These materials will be of interest to a wide range of teachers in all settings, including Skills for Life, functional skills and key skills teaching and learning. Vocational, employability and community teachers will find useful resources in the embedded learning materials.

Curriculum information for literacy, language and numeracy can be found in the online Adult Core Curriculum

Information about the National Occupational Standards for vocational areas can be found in Sector Skills Councils

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This site only includes materials from the ReadWritePlus and Embedded Learning sites. If you can't find what you're looking for, please visit the Skills for Life section of the Excellence Gateway for more resources and audio files.

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