Dr David Kelly

On 9 June 2011, after a lengthy review, the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve QC MP, gave a statement to Parliament explaining that he did not intend to apply to the High Court for an inquest into the death of former weapons inspector Dr David Kelly in 2003.

The full statement is below, with new independent reports commissioned from Dr Richard Shepherd, forensic pathologist, Professor Robert Flanagan, toxicologist and responses from Thames Valley Police to specific questions raised which relate to its 2003 investigation.

The schedule of responses deals with each point raised with the Attorney General about the case while the review was ongoing.

Correspondence between the Attorney and those who dealt with the death of Dr Kelly in 2003 are also reproduced, with letters to and from Lord Hutton who led the original inquiry.

Attorney General Dr Kelly written statement 9 June 2011

Schedule of responses to issues raised

Thames Valley Police (TVP) statements:

Annex TVP 1 Evidence of Dr Coe

Annex TVP 2 Fingerprint and DNA evidence

Annex TVP 3 The position of the body when found

Annex TVP 4 Three men in black

Annex TVP 5 Telephone contacts

Annex TVP 6 Dental records

Dr Nicholas Hunt, forensic pathologist:

Post mortem report by Dr Hunt 25 July 2003

AGO to Hunt 22 March 2011

Hunt to AGO 25 May 2011

Mr Roy Green, forensic biologist:

Roy Green forensic statement 27 September 2003

Dr Richard Shepherd, forensic pathologist:

Forensic medical report by Dr Shepherd 16 March 2011

AGO to Shepherd 12 November 2010

Professor Robert Flanagan, toxicologist:

Witness statement by Professor Flanagan 12 March 2011

AGO to Flanagan 17 February 2011

Dr Alexander Allan, toxicologist:

Dr Allan statement 1 21 July 2003

Dr Allan statement 2 18 August 2003

Dr Allan Statement 3 17 September 2003

HM Coroner Oxfordshire, N.G. Gardiner Esq.

AGO to Gardiner 15 November 2010

Gardiner to AGO 3 December 2010

Gardiner to AGO 8 December 2010

AGO to Gardiner 22 March 2011

Gardiner to AGO 6 May 2011

AGO to Gardiner 9 May 2011

Gardiner to AGO 12 May 2011

The Right Honourable Lord Hutton

Lord Hutton to AGO 3 September 2010

AGO to Lord Hutton 12 November 2010

Lord Hutton to AGO 1 December 2010

Ministry of Justice (MoJ):

AGO to MoJ 25 November 2010

MoJ to AGO 24 February 2011