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This is the home of the Departments and arms length bodies datasets. The datasets are intended for your use in accordance with the license.

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Inter-Urban congestion data

This dataset provides journey time and traffic flow data for 15-minute periods since October 2009 on the Strategic Road Network in England

Please note, the format and content of these datasets will change from June 2011 due to the introduction of a new measure of journey time reliability on the Strategic Road Network. Datasets in the current format will not be updated after this point but will, however, continue to be available.

Department for Transport 04/11/2010 04/11/2010 statistical, roads, congestion,
Spend over £500 in the Department for TransportA monthly-updated list of all financial transactions spending over £500 made by the Department for Transport, as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in expenditure. Department for Transport 19/11/2010 19/11/2010 spend, disclosure, finance, transparency,
Anonymised MOT tests and resultsAll MOT tests and outcomes, including make and model of vehicle, odometer reading and reasons for failure, since the MOT system was computerised in 2005 VOSA 24/11/2010 vehicles, MOT, vehicles, roadworthiness,
Climate change and transport choicesSPSS dataset containing the anonymised responses from the survey conducted to inform the development of the DfT segmentation model of public attitudes to climate change and transport choices Department for Transport 07/12/2010 environment, ,
National Public Transport Access Nodes (NaPTAN)"NaPTAN is a GB national system for uniquely identifying all the points of access to public transport in GB. It is a core component of the GB national transport information infrastructure and is used by a number of other UK standards and information systems. Every GB station, coach terminus, airport, ferry terminal, bus stop, etc., is allocated at least one identifier." Transport Direct 01/07/2010 04/01/2011 geospatial, airplane, airport, bus,
National Public Transport Gazetteer (NPTG)NPTG provides a topographic database of towns and settlements in the UK; it provides a common frame of reference for the National Public Access Nodes (NaPTAN) schema and other UK Public Transport Information schemas such as JourneyWeb. The appropriate naming and geospatial location of towns and places is vital for providing effective place and stop finding in modern on-line journey planners and other Passenger Information systems. Names are those that would be used by the people that reside or work in that place; the geospatial location is selected to optimise journey planning and other passenger information usage. The NPTG XML schema is used to distribute topographic data from the NPTG database to the local Administrative Areas who administer NaPTAN data, as well as other downstream Public Transport information systems such as journey planners.' Department for Transport 29/06/2010 01/10/2010 geospatial, local-authority, locality, location,
National Public Transport Data Repository (NPTDR)The NPTDR database contains a snapshot of every public transport journey in Great Britain for a selected week in October each year. The dataset is compiled with information from many sources, including local public transport information from each of the traveline regions, also coach services from the national coach services database and rail information from the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC). NPTDR is mainly used by local authorities and other organisations in the production of accessibility indicators via software tools such as Accession.' Department for Transport 27/08/2010 28/10/2010 geospatial, journey, local-authority, public-transport, timetable,
MOT Vehicle Testing StationsThe address and contact details for all authorised Vehicle Testing Stations for MOTs in GB. Includes address, telephone number and the classes of test they are authorised to carry out. VOSA 03/06/2010 27/01/2011 vehicles, statistics, MOT, vehicles, roadworthiness,
Department for Transport and Non Departmental Public Bodies (NDPB) structure charts and organisational dataOrganisational data CSV files include SCS staff posts, namely name, grade, job title, team function, parent department, organisation, unit, contact details, reports and salary cost of reports. Department for Transport 23/03/2009 26/01/2011 staffing, organisational-structure, organogram, senior-civil-servant-pay, senior-civil-service,
Ministerial transparency dataInformation about ministerial gifts, hospitality, overseas travel, and meetings with external organisations. This information and data is published quarterly. Department for Transport 14/10/2010 16/12/2010 ministerial, ministerial gifts, hospitality, overseas travel, meetings with external organisations,
Department for Transport and Non Departmental Public Bodies (NDPB) salary disclosure dataSalary disclosure data includes SCS staff salaries (name, grade, job title, FTE, parent department, organisation, unit, actual pay floor, actual pay ceiling) and junior staff FTE (parent department, organisation, unit, reporting SCS, grade, number of posts FTE). Department for Transport 15/10/2010 15/10/2010 staffing, disclosure, finance, transparency,
Business expenses and hospitality for senior officialsIn line with Cabinet Office guidance, the Department publishes the business expenses of and hospitality received by its most senior officials (the Permanent Secretary, Directors General and non-executive members of the Departmental Board). This is updated every quarter. Department for Transport 22/11/2010 22/11/2010 spend, disclosure, finance, transparency,