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Low Emission Zones in Europe

Low Emission Zones have been adopted by some cities and towns to improve local air quality. This report summarises the different models of implemented and planned Low Emission Zones in Europe.

06 April 2010

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in mobile phones for public transport ticketing

NFC is a technology with potential as an ITSO ticket carrying device and an ITSO ticket reading device (for retail sales and / or ticket validation). The project objectives were to demonstrate the use of an NFC device as a certified ITSO customer medium; demonstrate additional functionality to enable an NFC device to perform as an ITSO compliant Terminal capable of reading, validating and updating ITSO customer media; develop the necessary ITSO Specification changes to enable NFC technology.

18 March 2010

Review of existing smart card schemes (497 kb)

An overview, completed in 2007, of the present, and future plans, of smart card schemes with transport and associated applications.

22 October 2009

E-Money Review (720 kb)

A study of E-money schemes and developments. The potential for E-money within public transport ticketing and identify any potential conflicts.

22 October 2009

Be-In-Be-Out payment Systems for Public Transport (2 Mb)

A study of an alternative ticketing technology that detects passenger boarding and alighting automatically and calculates the fare accordingly. It examines attempts at implementation and its applicability to UK public transport.

22 October 2009

Bus concession survey (1 Mb)

These are statistics provided by a survey carried out online on behalf of the Department for Transport by Tickbox.net between 6th December 2007 and 13th December 2007. The sample was 1,094 adults, 960 of whom confirmed they were aged 60 or over and 9 registered as disabled with 125 identifying themselves in both categories.

01 February 2008

Operational noise and vibration issues for the tram and light rail industry

Investigations into environmental noise and vibration issues commissioned by UKTram and partially funded by the Department for Transport. This work has the potential to lead to cost savings in the Tramway and Light Rail sectors.

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