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Communication Directorate's Evidence and Research Strategy 2008/09

This document updates on research carried out since publication of DfT's Communication Directorate initial Evidence and Research Strategy in 2007 and outlines our research plans of for fiscal year 2008/09.

13 May 2008

Evidence and research activity in 2008/09 – social, economics and modelling programme

The key achievements of this Unit’s research programme in 2007/08 and the main developments anticipated in 2008/09.

09 May 2008

ITSO Oyster Interoperability - Closing down the technical work packages (3 Mb)

This report aims to demonstrate 'interim interoperability' between ITSO and Oyster in a London travel environment. It has been produced by PA Consulting Group and MVA Consultancy for the Department for Transport’s Transport Technology and Standard's division and supported with the active involvement of other parts of the DfT, TfL, ATOC and DfES, together with the involvement of a wider range of stakeholders including Cubic, TranSys, Ecebs, SAGEM, Integri, Capita, ESP, and London Buses.

07 February 2007

ACT ON CO2 communications campaign research

Links to research statistics on the impact of the ACT ON CO2 campaign since its launch in March 2007.

Strategy and Resources Directorate, and Member Agencies: Unit Evidence and Research Strategies

Outlines the Unit Evidence and Research Strategies for the DfT Strategy and Resources Directorate and Member Agencies.

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