DfT and Unit-Level Evidence and Research Strategies (ERS)

Unit-level Evidence and Research Strategies (U-ERS)

Unit-level Evidence and Research Strategies (U-ERS) reflect and complement the DfT Evidence and Research Strategy (ERS), but focussing on the issues relevant to DfT's individual units, identifying their needs for evidence, priorities and how they attain them. Links to the current strategies are listed in the table below, with links to other useful programme information.

For 2009/10, research and evidence needs across the Department have been updated in a single overview of evidence needs and planned research.


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Chief Scientific Adviser's Unit
[Update March 2008]

Science and Research

CSA Central Initiatives

Transport LINK


Communications Directorate
[Update May 2008]

Think! Campaign

Act On CO2

Communications Directorate


 Aviation Aviation  Aviation Directorate aed@dft.gov.uk

Road and Vehicle Safety Standards and Roads Performance Strategy

Roads and vehicles

Road safety

Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles

Road Safety

Traffic Management

Transport Technology and Standards

clea ner.vehicles@dft.gsi.gov.uk




Freight and Logistics

Freight and Logistics

Freight Logistics


Regional and Local Transport
[Update May 2008]

Regional and Local Transport

Regional and local transport


Rail Group (PDF)
[Update May 2008 ]




Social Economics and Modelling
[ Update May 2008]

Social economics and mobility research programme

Social Economics and Mobility


Accessibility and Equalities unit

Accessibility and Equalities unit

Accessibilitiy and Equalities unit


Strategy and Resources Directorate, and Member Agencies

Vehicle and Operator Services Agency

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Driving Standards Agency

Vehicle Certification Agency

Government Car and Despatch Agency

Driver, Vehicle and Operator Group Customer Research


Maritime and Coastguard Agency
[Update May 2008]

Maritime and Coastguard

Maritime and Coastguard Agency Research Reports


Highways Agency

Highways Agency

Highways Agency Research Compendium


DfT Evidence and Research Strategy (ERS)

The Department-wide Evidence and Research Strategy covers a whole range of economic, technological, social and environmental factors. Through this strategy, we are striving for a more integrated evidence base, acknowledging all sources of evidence - monitoring and data collection, analysis (of internal and information available elsewhere), policy evaluation and commissioned research - as well as ensuring quality by adopting best practice. This strategy sets out what we currently understand our evidence needs are for the next three years and beyond, as well as the areas and activities we plan to develop. The high-level strategy will be developed to assist 30-year planning and integration with medium-term and business planning.

Management of evidence and research funded by the Department is largely devolved to the policy units and agencies responsible for delivery of our objectives. The Departmental Strategy has been supplemented by more detailed Unit (and agency) strategies.

Research Contractors

DfT commissions research services from a very wide range of research contractors and particularly encourages SMEs to participate. In considering how best to prepare to bid to provide such services, the following information may be of assistance.

Selling to DfT: Details of how to tender for work with the DfT, including contractual conditions and eligibility requirements.

Small Business Research Initiative: DTI's small business research initiative (SBRI) page. These pages give background information and set out the aims of the scheme.