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Local Authority Basic Carbon Tool

The DfT Local Authority Basic Carbon tool to assist local authorities to assess the potential effects of transport interventions on carbon emissions in their area. It includes a short stakeholder engagement questionnaire to gather feedback on the prototype version of the DfT Local Authority Basic Carbon Tool; and the DfT Local Authority Basic Carbon Tool User Guidance.

16 February 2011

Yorcard - Pilot and Research Project

A fully working ITSO compliant multi-modal, multi-operator smartcard ticketing system (Yorcard) was developed and piloted in South Yorkshire from February 2008 to October 2009.

10 January 2011

Parking Measures and Policies Research Review

Investigation of evidence about the impact of different types of parking measures and policies on road traffic, congestion, transport safety and car ownership, on the level of carbon emissions from transport, on the activity on businesses and on townscapes. The method of the research involved a systematic review of evidence from original and relevant studies.

03 January 2011

Evaluation of the Urban Congestion Programme

Research report to evaluate the Urban Congestion Programme and assess the extent to which recent reductions in congestion in the 10 largest urban areas in England are due to the Programme rather than the economic downturn.

15 December 2010

DfT Local and Regional Climate Change Research Report

The research identifies good practice initiatives across a range of different authorities to reduce transport emissions and adapt to climate change. It addresses the challenges, drivers and barriers to taking action, especially in relation to the delivery of transport services, and includes a comprehensive review of the tools, methodologies and approaches different authorities are using to monitor and model future transport emissions. The Department will consider how best to take work forward.

13 July 2010

Research into the impact of smart and integrated ticketing on traveller behaviour

In September 2009 the Department commissioned a study by Ipsos MORI and the Institute for Transport Studies (part of Leeds University). The aim of the work was to provide qualitative insights into and quantitative evidence on the impact of integrated and smart ticketing on traveller behaviour in three urban areas. These were chosen to present a range of transport scenarios including a variety of modes and competing bus operators.

06 April 2010

Engaging Local Authorities Research

Research on how different audiences within local authorities access transport policy and good practice information, including recommendations at to where existing communications and good practice might be improved by DfT, Government Offices and the local sector.

22 February 2010

Regional and Local Strategic Modelling and Appraisal Capability

This report reviews a range of local and regional models and includes recommendations on how the modelling capability of the regions can be improved. Includes response to the report.

08 February 2010

The Future of Urban Transport

The DfT response to the report of the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit on Urban Transport.

03 November 2009

The benefits and costs of a national smart ticketing infrastructure

The report is an initial high level review of the capital and operating costs, and tangible and intangible benefits of a national smart ticketing scheme, based on experience with existing local schemes. The report shows that there is potential for significant benefits to passengers and public transport operators. There are also significant up-front costs and some on-going costs, but assuming full take-up of the scheme it represents high value for money.

Evidence and research strategy

Overview of the current evidence and research activities that are planned or already underway in the Regional and Local Transport Policy and Regional and Local Transport Delivery Directorates of the Department for Transport.

Community Infrastructure Fund: Round 2

Guidance on the bidding process for the second round of Community Infrastructure Funding including details regarding eligibility and the assessment process.

London Transport

Following the spending review in July 2004, the Secretary of State announced a five-year funding settlement for Transport for London (2005/06 to 2009/10) setting out the level of central government grant over the period.

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Evaluation of Experimental Regional Transport Boards

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